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Ship Agency Services of Luigi Morana

Your trusted Shipping Agency for Trapani port

  • Ship Agents
  • Customs Broking
  • Affreightment & Charters
  • Affreightment & Charters
  • Project Cargo
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Shipyard Assistance
  • Marine Surveys

Ship Agency Services for Trapani port

Our Ship Agency Services operate from the port of Trapani, which is a strategic port in Sicily, and in the Mediterranean Sea. We can fully service all ships efficiently, quickly and cost effectively and we guarantee our services 24 hours a day the whole year round. As far as the Tramp Shipping Industry is concerned, we are agents for a wide number of the world’s leading carriers. Our long experience in the Cruise Industry has allowed us to offer a complete range of services through experienced and dedicated personnel, including assistance in ground operations and tours ashore. Furthermore, we have an in-house technical office and our staff are experts in technical ship management and in the Shipbuilding Industry. Therefore we also provide a full range of marine surveys.

Our Experience

Ship Agents - 15 years
Shipyard - 18 years
Forwarding & Transport - 14 years
Marine Surveys - 18 years

Ship Agency Services

As a Registered Ship Agency we are able to protect the ship and the cargo, the owner, the charterer and the operator, the captain, the crew and the passengers. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with the local Port Authorities, Customs, Immigration, stevedores, shippers and receivers we can guarantee the efficient loading and discharging of cargo, a quick turnaround of the ship and careful management of ship operations.

Affreightment & Charters

We provide the most suitable ship for the cargo and we offer short-term and long-term time charters, voyage charters and contracts of affreightment.
We have extensive experience with various commodities, dangerous goods, perishable goods and oversized cargo.
Furthermore, as far as project transport is concerned, we offer land transport as well as import/export Customs clearance.

Cruise Services

We provide agency services exclusively dedicated to cruise ships and we represent some of the most important cruise companies.
We offer a 24/7 Port Agency service, solving any issue quickly and efficiently, thanks to our dedicated team and to our long-standing relationship with the local Authorities and facilities.
Moreover we can arrange excursions ashore through reliable first class specialized operators.

Logistic Services

We collect, store, transport and deliver the cargo efficiently. Keeping costs and time schedules in mind, we always look for a smooth and safe way to transport. Through detailed planning, we ensure that from start to finish every step is in accordance with our high quality standards and we comply with client requests.

Shipyard Assistance

We have a long-standing cooperation with shipyards and we offer complete technical assistance. Our experts have vast experience in technical ship management and in the shipbuilding industry and we are able to assist owners and managers towards a successful repair, conversion or new building project

Marine Surveys

We have expert surveyors and forensic investigators and we provide a full range of marine surveys including pre-purchase surveys, casualty investigations, insurance surveys and damage claims, disputes and litigation, cargo consultancies, audits, inspections and certification, technical expertise and sea trials.

Shipping Agency Services for Trapani port