Over the years the Ship Agency Services of Luigi Morana has grown to meet the needs of a great number of principals among the world’s largest companies. From container ships to tankers, dry bulk carriers to cruise ships and trampers, specialised vessels to super-yachts, we explicitly understand the business we are in. We have extensive experience with various commodities, dangerous goods, perishable goods and oversized cargo. We act as agents for the owner, the operator and/or the charterer, as ship agents, protective agents, husbandry agents, tramp agents, liner agents and cargo agents.

Whatever the cargo, whatever the fleet, whatever the service, we make it happen.
Our key features

  • 24/7 services

  • Professional, well experienced and skilled team

  • Excellent relationship with the Authorities

  • Deep local knowledge

  • Minimising in-port time of ships and cargo

  • Accurate disbursement accounts and funds management

  • Constant connectivity with the principals

We are a Registered Ship Agents for Trapani port which is a strategic port in Western Sicily and in the Mediterranean Sea. We fully service any ships efficiently, quickly and cost effectively and we guarantee our services 24 hours a day the whole year round.
We are used to handling a variety of different vessels including Dry Bulk Carriers, Crude, Product, Gas and Chemical Tankers, Offshore Supply Vessels, Specialised Vessels (e.g. Tugs, Livestock, Dredgers, Survey Vessels), Heavy Lift Vessels and Cruise Liners.
As Ship Agents we are able to protect the ship and the cargo, the owner, the charterer and the operator, the captain, the crew and the passengers. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with the local Port Authorities, Customs, Immigration, stevedores, shippers and receivers we guarantee the efficient loading and discharging of cargo, a quick turnaround of the ship and careful management of ship operations.

Ship Agents Trapani Sicily Luigi Morana

We are well versed in all the latest Italian and European Customs regulations.
Our expertise covers a broad range of knowledge including Customs law, Customs classification, Customs tariff schedule, import and export regulations, shipping procedures, trade documentation etc.
Our expert staff can streamline the entire importing/exporting operation.

Customs Broking Trapani Sicily Luigi Morana

We provide the the most suitable ship for the cargo concerned and we fix short-term and long-term time charters, voyage charters and affreightment contracts. We have extensive experience with various commodities, dangerous goods, perishable goods and oversized cargo.

Affreightment Charters Trapani Sicily Luigi Morana

We handle the transportation of oversized and heavy items. These highly specialist shipments require individual transport planning from origin to destination. Therefore we offer integrated logistics project management and transportation services to ensure the freight reaches its destination according to plan.

Project Cargo Trapani Sicily Luigi Morana

We know how to collect, store, transport and deliver the cargo efficiently. Keeping costs and time schedules in mind, we always look for a smooth and safe way to transport. Through detailed planning, we ensure that from start to finish every step is in accordance with our high quality standards and we comply with client requests.

Logistic Services Trapani Sicily Luigi Morana

We are able to react swiftly to any requests. Thanks to our in-house experts and close cooperation with trusted partners, we have direct access to a wide range of equipment, both on road and on sea. We are able to offer tailor-made solutions for any kind of cargo.

Forwarding Transport Trapani Sicily Luigi Morana

We have expert surveyors and forensic investigators and we provide a full range of marine surveys including pre-purchase surveys, casualty investigations, insurance surveys and damage claims, disputes and litigation, cargo consultancies, audits, inspections and certification, technical expertise and sea trials.

Marine Surveys Trapani Sicily Luigi Morana

We are member of the Italian Federation of Ship Agents and Ship Brokers and we are agent of the Italian Classification Society RINA.

Shipping Agency Trapani Sicily Luigi Morana

In recent years we have acted as Yacht Agents and we proudly serve the largest yachts in the Mediterranean area.
We offer a wide range of services including marina services and Captain’s support in documentation, clearance, berthing, provisioning, bunkering, helicopter arrangements, luxury mini van transportation and all land/air arrangements.