We have a long-standing cooperation with shipyards and we offer complete technical assistance. Our in-house technical department has a vast experience in technical ship management and in the shipbuilding industry. Therefore, we assist owners and managers towards a successful repair, conversion or new building project.

Specialist in the shipbuilding industry.
Our key features

  • 24/7 services

  • Professional, well experienced and skilled team

  • Excellent relationship with Authorities

  • Deep local knowledge

  • Minimising in-port time of ships and cargo

  • Accurate disbursement accounts and funds management

  • Constant connectivity with the principals

We deliver full technical assistance for successful repairs, conversions and new building projects. Our staff provide technical surveys to determine required maintenance actions, problem diagnosis and problem solving, execution of preventive and corrective maintenance, class assistance: to keep your vessel under class and docking Assistance to ensure safe and efficient docking.

Shipyard Trapani

We are connected with a wide network of refit, repair and maintenance facilities and have trusted relationships with their key personnel to ensure you are given the best service in the optimum facility. We ensure you are provided with a full range of services, while fulfilling the project at optimum costs. Our experience in yacht maintenance will improve the final result of your project by saving you time and money.

Yacht refitting Trapani